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Andy has always loved entertaining people and started acting professionally at the age of 6. Since then he has done multiple commercials, voice overs, stage, TV and movies. In 2012 he was cast in his first major role in the movie Ping Pong Summer. That ignited him and his sister to create RMT Film Productions and start their own youtube channel where they post comedic shorts and music videos. ( In the summer of 2016, he was cast in another film, How To Get Girls, that will be released in 2018. Recently, he was in a commercial for the NFL/Redskins, Facebook live event for Publix stores, and an internet commercial for Bethesda Games. While Andy enjoys acting he has also really enjoyed working behind the camera with his sister. Aside from Directing and Producing, he enjoys being First AD, Gaffing and candle lit dinners.

Jessica was there for all you just read about Andy, just behind the scenes. She also got involved with film at a young age, first starting in front of the camera and then found out telling people what to do was way more fun (i.e. Producing and Directing). Jessica became a production assistant on Ping Pong Summer and that experience solidified her passion for film. She continues to work on films, as well as Andy’s on and off set Life Consultant. If he has a tweet, he asks her if it’s funny first. She also does his scheduling, but he does her laundry.  She also enjoys being first/second AD, DP, Editor, Production Design, and long walks on the beach…out of the sun of course.

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