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Time is Precious. Waste it Wisely.

October 8th 2019

Directed by Andy Riddle

     The Day is story that follows Will as he bumbles about his house getting ready. His friend Ted sits on the couch watching and poking fun at Will who keeps looking towards the clock. As Will comically tries on different suits and ties, he and Ted seemingly joke and converse about his decisions. After some progression in the film, Will arrives at a cemetery and is standing in front of a gravestone. He begins speaking to the headstone as Ted appears behind it. It is revealed that Ted has passed away and Will could neither see or hear him. Will talks about how life is different and how much he misses Ted. 

Meet The Crew

Andy Riddle

Director - Writer - Producer

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Andy Riddle has always loved entertaining people and started acting professionally at the age of 6. Since then he has done multiple movies, TV shows, commercials, and voice overs. In 2012, he and his sister created RMT Film Productions where they make short comedic films and music videos. While Andy enjoys acting he has also really enjoyed working behind the camera. Aside from Directing and Producing, he enjoys being First AD, Gaffing and candle lit dinners. 

Jessica Riddle

Producer - Writer

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Jessica Riddle got involved with film at a young age, first starting in front of the camera and then found out telling people what to do was way more fun (i.e. Producing and Directing). She makes comedic short films with her brother and their film company, RMT Film Productions. Besides Producing and Directing, she also enjoys being First/Second AD, DP, Editor, Production Design, and long walks on the beach…out of the sun of course.

Alex Bowen

Director of Photography

Alex Bowen is a cinematographer and student at George Mason University. Alex has shot thirteen films during his time at Mason, and usually has one in the works. A multidisciplinary crew member, Alex also frequently works as a Gaffer, and as sound crew from time to time. When he isn’t behind a camera, he’s behind a mixing console: Alex also works as an audio-visual technician at Mason, putting on a variety of live events and concerts.

Colin Stucki


Colin Stucki is double majoring in History and Film and Video Studies at George Mason University. He has worked in all aspects of film production but specializes in editing.

Bailey Oliver

Sound Designer

Bailey Oliver is a aspiring filmmaker studying at DePaul University in Chicago, majoring in Digital cinema, with a concentration in directing. It wasn't until age three that he actually started talking, and now he won't shut up. This might explain why he also studies sound design as a minor.

Steve Aderton

Music Composer

Steve has been working with RMT Film Productions for the past five years as an assistant editor, director, and music composer. He also helped provide generous contributions to the company video game collection. Whether it's a special effect, a song for an emotional scene, or a soda that needs drinking, Steve is there to finish the job.

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