May 6th 2018

Directed by Jessica Riddle

     The Invisible One is an action comedy that takes place in a world where everyone has a superpower, but all of the powers have a drawback. For example, someone can levitate, but it’s only as high as they can jump, or someone can create fire in their hands, but they still feel the pain. Or like the main character Harrison, he can turn invisible but only when his eyes are shut.

     Harrison is stuck in life and wishes he could use his powers for good, but he doesn’t know how to walk five feet before stubbing his toe. One day while working at his dad’s law firm, Harrison’s father is kidnaped and taken hostage. Harrison and a group of his mediocre powered co-workers have to team up to get back their beloved boss and take down the bad guy. And, with the help of others, Harrison has to learn how to use his not-so-useless powers in a way he couldn’t see before.  

     This action comedy helps remind us of our own individual worth and the importance of relying on others, all while laughing at the same time.



Andy Riddle


Shiloh Rose Paul


Conor Marsh


Jennifer O'Neill


Steve Slough

Warren Williams

Greg Russell


Thomas Nash Tetterton


Jessica Riddle

 Director - Producer - Writer

Andy Riddle

 Producer - Writer

Kyle Van Dyke

Director of Photography

Mikayla Fridley


Jenny Jessen

Associate Producer

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